Top 5 Tips for Selling Online in Fall River County

Top 5 Tips for Selling Online in Fall River County


If you live in Edgemont, Hot Springs, Oelrichs and are wanting to sell new or used items online, then take a look at the top 5 tips for selling online in Fall River County.

1. Know Your Item.

As in, what have you got to sell? What’s the market for that particular item like? What did it cost? What year was it made? What are other people getting for this same item, in this condition, for this year of manufacture? Is your item in better or worse shape? Have they described their item the way you would? What do they say in their ad that you can use?

2. Take Good Photographs 

Clean the item, make it shine. Take the best pictures you’re capable of taking, with the best camera available. Use the largest photos the site allows. Take enough pictures to show the entire item in good light. Find a solid color, preferably dark, for your background; a bolt of thick, dark, opaque cloth is an excellent choice. Sunlight is your enemy, usually, so if you’re selling something small enough to box and ship, photograph it indoors, during the daytime, in a room with a northern exposure, so you don’t have shadows in the picture. DO NOT use a flash if you can help it. Remember: Items with photos sell quicker and for higher amounts than items listed without photos. It costs nothing to take and upload a digital image, so there’s no reason to stint on the visuals.

3. Get the Words Right

Sit down at your computer and come up with a clear, honest, concise description of your item, based on your research. You don’t need to babble and you don’t need to entertain anyone. Do by all means find another ad for the identical item elsewhere, and use what you like from their ad. Don’t be afraid to use copy from the manufacturer’s or retailer’s web site. If it persuaded you, it’ll persuade your buyers. This is not a publishing venture and you’re not in high school, and you won’t be punished for not being original. Use subheadings to separate your words from the manufacturer’s description, use quotation marks. This will underscore the fact that you, the seller, are scrupulously honest.

4. Close the Deal 

Be sure to answer questions from buyers as soon as possible. Be very clear in your listing if an item needs to be picked up; otherwise, spell out the shipping details. If you’re going to sell a lot of stuff online, think seriously about getting a PayPal account, so you don’t have to worry about getting paid. Don’t put the shipping off; do it the first chance you get. Be sure to communicate with the buyer about delays. Educate yourself about your shipping options. There are times when USPS is your best option, and times – and especially LOCATIONS – when some other shipper will serve you better. Read all of the buyer’s emails carefully, because they may have special instructions for the shipper.

5. Show Gratitude 

Say “THANK YOU,” make sure they hear or see it. It never hurts to throw some chocolates and hard candies in the box, and your buyers may even look at the rest of your items for sale, just because they enjoyed doing business with you.

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