Host a helium hotspot to prosper your community in Rawlins County, Kansas

Community Events Rawlins County, Kansas


Community Service: I am a broker for distressed hotspots from owners that are located in oversaturated areas. Some owners have excess or extra miners with nowhere to place them. I put the owners in contact with potential host for their miners. Some owners furnish everything, some owners furnish all or part do a withholding on part of your monthly earnings until a predetermined agreed upon amount is reached. I need another form of contact than messenger. The studies I do on your area can be hours or days, then someone won’t reply when I message them. How can an owner that wants to talk business with you if they can’t get in contact? I will not reply without a second form of contact, email is fine. I can’t do anything until I receive the address(es) of where you want to place your miner(s). Helium rules states no two miners can be closer than 300 meters which is BS. I will check the maps to see what is around you to ensure there are no miners too close to the address you provide. I will send you a copy of what the map shows. You do not have to place your miner(s) at your home or business as long as you have approval. If interested message me or email,

Glenn Stanford,
Hotspot Rescue

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